Company Training

  • Get acquainted with craft activities in various fields at enterprise level,
  • To gain insights into the structure, organization, management and operation of company hosting, taking into account aspects of quality control, economics, ecology and customer acceptance,
  • To learn and contribute to the development of services and production of goods, components and systems in the relevant craft field,
  • Become familiar with the cultures of society, social structures such as teamwork, hierarchy, social status and safety at work,
  • Provide participants with the opportunity to gain insight into the role of a master within a company, to train social behavior and appropriate communication within the hierarchy of a real enterprise, and to make the intern familiar with specific career activities.
  • Training under the company is carefully supervised to be as effective as possible.
  •  The “Company Coordinator” trained as an in-company trainer in the enterprise is a person with professional experience and less than 3 years of technical experience.

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